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Smoke Cloak is a security fog system designed to repel intruders by disorientating them.

How it works?
The device is connected to a suitable alarm system which triggers the smoke cloak when an intruder is detected. Upon an alarm the device emits harmless smoke at high speed, filling the room in a matter of seconds, reducing visibility to a few inches. When the room is full of smoke the unit goes into standby mode and monitors the density of the smoke and tops up the level if required.

Does it affect Fire alarms?
The Smoke cloak is fully compatible with fire alarms. If your alarm detects a fire the Smoke cloak will automatically shut down to prevent it from introducing more smoke into the building which may hinder the fire services.
Why you should consider Smoke cloak
If you have been unfortunate to suffer from burglaries at your property or if you hold valuable stock you may benefit from installing this system.

As more people install Smoke cloak systems, would be intruders are learning that it is foolish to attempt to steal from properties protected by it.

Some insurers now specify Smoke cloak for high risk properties and those who have been repeatedly targeted by thieves.

As registered installers we can survey your property and install a bespoke system to ensure maximum cover for your stock and building.


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