Intruder Alarms

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Commercial Alarms
Protecting your business from attack and ensuring trading continuity is key.
Not only do many insurers specify that business’ have an intruder alarm system, it is worth considering what effect a break in may have on your profits, and loss of valuable data !

Stolen stock alone can run into tens of thousands of pounds, as can the inability to trade following a break in.

Pyrosec Ltd can help to lower the risks of burglary by installing the latest systems designed specifically to your business’ needs.

Our Design Process

Your system design begins with a free survey and risk assessment of your property by one of our experienced surveyors. The details of the survey include:-

  • assessment of risk to your property. ie the security grade you require in line with the European and insurance standards.
  • a walk through the property to detail vulnerable areas and the detection required.
  • full consultation with key members of the business.
  • detailed specification prepared.
  • further site meeting with the key members of the business.
  • approval of quotation by client and insurers.
  • installation.
  • 18 month warranty.

All security options are considered from internal and external detection to 24hr monitoring. Where required,more specialist options may be  considered, such as security fog systems through to CCTV . In short, our years of expertise ensures that your security system offers the highest level of protection 365 days a year.

All our systems are installed to meet with BS4737 and EN50131. These standards ensure that all the equipment installed is quality controlled and the installation itself meets stringent quality guidelines.


After Care

Once your alarm system has been installed we continue to look after the safety of your premises.

Firstly our 18 Month Parts and Workmanship guarantee ensures you have the confidence that we are a company committed to quality. Coupled with our service schemes which are amongst the most competitive in the industry, you need never worry about the security of your premises again.

On every visit, our engineers will re-assess your property to determine if alterations to the system are necessary. These could be anything from a new office partition that has been installed which now hinders the view of a detector, or a previously unused room which now houses valuable items. In essence we never stop being pro-active when advising you on security.

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Domestic Alarms

Imagine returning home from work or from a night out with friends, to find that you have been the victim of a burglary.

Not only is it upsetting but your most precious belongings could have gone.

  • Your laptop with family pictures on,
  • your new flat screen TV,
  • Irreplaceable family jewellery.

Not to mention the repairs to doors and windows.

While we hope this never happens, unfortunately there are thousands of burglaries every year in properties which don’t have alarm systems.

An alarm system provides a valuable deterrent to burglars and can notify you and your neighbours should the system detect intruders.

We supply and install both wireless and wired alarm systems, using the latest technologies to ensure your system is cutting edge, and with over 25 years experience in the industry you can be assured that Pyrosec will look after every aspect of your security system.

From design to completion we will ensure that you are involved in all decisions, and every detail will be explained,from the type of detectors and how they work, to the right choice of control panel for your needs, as such you can be assured that the entire system is bespoke to you.

Most of our systems now come with home automation capabilities as well, (extra devices required) so your system is not only an alarm but also a time saving device. Imagine calling your system from you mobile on your way home and switching on the lights and boiling the kettle, or receiving a text to let you know when the children have arrived home from school.

Many are now even able to integrate with CCTV, sending pictures to your I phone or PC, so your system can now be more than just an alarm.

Whether choosing a more standard system or a top of the range integrated alarm, Pyrosec Ltd are here to help.

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